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  • JaySmith @phatboyg Awesome, I wonder how many java developers look at VS12 and go wow, that looks like Eclipse, or other Java IDE ::::: MENU ::::: about 1053 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan Oh yeah, I do see that little bit of green on the run in debug icon. Just seems like there was more in the beta. about 1053 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan I only see color on the RSharper icon on the toolbar, and solution explorer has none at all. I am using the dark theme. about 1053 days ago
  • JaySmith #VS2012 Where did the color in the icons go that was in VS11 Beta???? about 1053 days ago

Jay Smith Failing my way to success! Module View Presenter There are 1 entries for the tag Module View Presenter
Presenting Model View Presenter Design Patterns In Tulsa, OK Feb 25
I just finished talking with David Walker of the Tulsa .NET User Group and confirmed I will be presenting to them on February 25. I will be giving a presentation on the Model View Presenter Design Pattern. I am very excited to be able to present in Tulsa. Since the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group formed because a member from Tulsa moved to Northwest Arkansas it feels good that we can complete the circle. If you live in the Tulsa, OK area please check out you local user group Tulsa .NET User Group. ......

Posted On Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:00 PM

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