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  • JaySmith @phatboyg Awesome, I wonder how many java developers look at VS12 and go wow, that looks like Eclipse, or other Java IDE ::::: MENU ::::: about 1025 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan Oh yeah, I do see that little bit of green on the run in debug icon. Just seems like there was more in the beta. about 1025 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan I only see color on the RSharper icon on the toolbar, and solution explorer has none at all. I am using the dark theme. about 1025 days ago
  • JaySmith #VS2012 Where did the color in the icons go that was in VS11 Beta???? about 1025 days ago

Jay Smith Failing my way to success! DotNetKicks There are 1 entries for the tag DotNetKicks
DotNetKicks Quick Kick JavaScript
I have been using and found this bit of JavaScript to make it easier, this can be added to your link bar to kick the current page you are on. javascript:location.href='h... You can click and drag this link KickIt! or add it to your favorites. Technorati Tags: JavaScript,DotNetKicks ......

Posted On Friday, January 4, 2008 1:23 AM

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