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The pace at which mobile technology (hardware and software) is progressing is amazing. This is possibly the fastest growth in its space. The pace at which mainframes, PC or even internet revolution happened – mobile is possibly growing fastest.

With current rate, by year 2014 mobile internet users should cross the number of desktop internet users. With today’s mobile hardware getting faster and better the growth will only grow with time. Every change also comes with business opportunities. Many organization will have thoughtful long term plan and many will do it for the sake of being on same bandwagon. Either case – we have lot of opportunities to solve business problems in the mobile space. What is your mobile strategy?

With mobile media consumption growing faster than ever before and user spending more time on mobile devices, business houses will have to rethink about their marketing plans. The audience is changing and so should the marketing means and material. At the same time, mobile technology is getting simpler. It’s much simpler to build mobile based applications. It’s much easier to run mobile campaigns, stay in the buzz and remain connected with your audience.

We have seen the era when customers were expecting web app to have usability like desktop app. Now customers are doing the same with mobile – asking almost all that is possible in web on their mobile applications. That’s a challenge but the pace at which mobile hardware is improving; smart mobile devices will soon do more than what web app does today. It already has new usage with tagging (QR Code & Microsoft TAG) and scanning usage.

Great change creates great opportunities. Let us know your problem, we will get you your solution

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# re: The global mobile marketing revolution
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Mobile marketing will become more important in the next years - lets see what will come next
Left by tina on Nov 07, 2012 7:04 PM

# What is Best Global Mobile Marketing
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That is a big deal with mobile marketing that what mobile is the best to get you in touch with new technology and best way to be sucess. The android mobiles are all you have a good way.
Left by Nasir Ali Khalid on Jul 30, 2015 11:09 PM

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