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Today, we completed 2 months of operation and progressing strong. Exciting journey has begun! :)

Our vision is to help build strong local societies. We do this by providing solutions that enables neighborhood and local societies network. First solution in this direction is SocietyHive ( This will help people stay connected, manage their society, collaborate, celebrate, talk about issues that matters and work for local cause.

In the era where people have the motto of "go global", we have come up with neighbourhood networking portal with motto "go local". Our local societies have lot to contribute in who we are today and what we have achieved in our lives. It's our duty to give back and work closely for our local societies where our children will grow. 

Societyhive, the next generation neighbourhood networking portal.

Society Management Software
Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2012 12:34 AM Whatever... , SocietyHive | Back to top

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