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Everyone working in Rich Internet/Interactive Application (RIA) must look at Silverlight. Web application are really getting richer. Once this is released, you may not need flash component for many things.

Silverlight is a lightweight component/app for web extended from WPF.

To run a Silverlight application - In addition to server installation, you will need client side installation of Silverlight plugin for the browser. Browser will prompt for installing "Silverlight" if your browse do not have plugin required to run the application; similar to Flash plugin. Installation of Silverlight plugin is one click and file size is under 2MB.

Silverlight offers:

  • Richer UI capabilities by excellent vector imaging, text animation, audio and video
  • UI experiences beyond what you can do with server generated HT
  • Superior platform capabilities beyond AJAX
  • Microsoft claims better performance than JavaScript or ActionScript
  • Broad set of language support (C#, VB.Net, ...)

Useful Links:

posted on Friday, May 18, 2007 11:41 PM