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Saturday, September 27, 2014 #

I keep coming across badly managed NGOs. Some because of lack of funds while many due to lack of awareness. This shouldn’t be acceptable in year 2014.

If you are running an non profit organization or know one who needs help – PLEASE let us know. We’ll be happy to train and help use today’s technologies to get more efficient.

Get your NGO online, collaborate better, raise awareness, do proper accounting and get the best out of all your efforts. Save time on manual NGO management process to give more time where you really want to.

We’re looking forward to help you!

Visit - www.societyhive.com to know more about our society management software

We wanted to make software available for not for profit type of associations (e.g. housing societies). We now have hundreds of associations/societies across countries using Societyhive for free. We're also running free Helpdesk for providing cooperative legal consulting to housing societies in India.

We’re now working towards adding support for more types of societies. Top in the list are NGOs and School/Education types of societies. We’ve dedicated teams working on building powerful platform to run your group/association with key benefits like:
  • One stop for all information about your association
  • Get a public website and publish information
  • Alert members via email and SMS
  • Online accounting, payments and payment reminders
  • Many exciting collaboration features
Online payments and free mobile application for associations is also in the product Roadmap.

Please contact us if you don’t see your society/association type in the list of supported types. And also contact us for features that you’d like to see at www.societyhive.com

Do let us know how we can help!

Sunday, September 21, 2014 #

If you're looking for cooperative society legal adviser in Pune or Mumbai or other parts of Maharastra - we've got the best in our team with experience of running societies for more than 20 years.

However, we'd recommend that you get your society conveyance deed done by your builder/promoter of your society. In comparison - this will cost you least, more appropriate and most convenient.

We'd also advice the conveyance deed done before Dec 31st, 2014. There is a possibility of getting the same task done with greater difficulty due to new rules.

If the builder is not cooperative, you should seek legal advice and get this done anyways. We'll be happy to get the conveyance done for you anyways.

You can post your questions on cooperative society at www.societyhive.com/helpdesk for free advice.

Yes, you heard it right. It really is free :) . This is one of most common questions we are asked. Our Societyhive software is not our revenue generator. We provide society staffing, consulting and accounting services at societies. Our software helps us in running our societies efficiently - we're making our softwares available online for others to take advantage. Even our cooperative society legal consulting is free (www.societyhive,com/helpdesk) for all.

To get started - register and get started immediately! You don't need any stupid approvals. If you're running an association/society anywhere across the globe - we've got the software for you.

Early October (2014), we're releasing next version of our society accounting - this will include:
  • Enhancement in penalty calculations for defaulters
  • Partial payments
  • Additional reports
  • Minor enhancements across

Our October release will also include many features like custom header-footer - this is useful for when administrators want a pre-decided template/letterhead to be part of all official documents. There are many usability corrections in this release as well.

Many exciting features are due by early November (2014). We're diligently working on making Societyhive even more simple to use. Also expect a new layout and design for the application.

We're always keen on hearing great feedback from our users. If you have new feature request, feedback or question, please write to us at consultant@societyhive,com. You can also post your questions at www.societyhive.com/helpdesk

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 #

How are you managing your society today?

How about bill generation & collection or socializing at your housing society?


Check out the all new online and offline services to manage your society. Online management and accounting software for housing society is free now. Get your housing society or neighbourhood online today for FREE.


Get a new amenity at your society today!


Societyhive services: www.societyhive.com

Societyhive helpdesk: www.societyhive.com/helpdesk


Helpdesk is a free service to provide legal and management advice for societies. Do let me know if you have any feature request you’d want to see at Societyhive.

Monday, August 6, 2012 #

We can connect you with consultant best for you. A professional well versed with cooperative act, byelaws of cooperative societies, certified and recognized by the registrar of cooperatives as administrator and election Officer.

Sunday, May 6, 2012 #

When you leave your homes, the first thing everyone checks these days is if you have your phone with you. It's not your keys nor your wallet, but your phone that you’re most worried about forgetting.

Mobile devices are becoming everyone’s lifeline in a lot of ways. It seems hard to find someone who’s not with their phone. Your maid who comes in the morning, the vegetable seller, students, kids and almost anyone who you see around will have one or more mobile devices.

With recent acquisitions of Instagram and Glancee, many are asking why Facebook needed to acquire those relatively new companies? Why not! You should not be surprised if they shop few more players in mobile space. I see this as a good sign for companies like Facebook appreciating the change. Mobile is the future and everyone will have to align themselves per their need.

For more check out:
Mobility Touch Solutions - Go Mobile!
Mobile Web Development - Going Mobile is not as difficult as it appears! :)

The pace at which mobile technology (hardware and software) is progressing is amazing. This is possibly the fastest growth in its space. The pace at which mainframes, PC or even internet revolution happened – mobile is possibly growing fastest.

With current rate, by year 2014 mobile internet users should cross the number of desktop internet users. With today’s mobile hardware getting faster and better the growth will only grow with time. Every change also comes with business opportunities. Many organization will have thoughtful long term plan and many will do it for the sake of being on same bandwagon. Either case – we have lot of opportunities to solve business problems in the mobile space. What is your mobile strategy?

With mobile media consumption growing faster than ever before and user spending more time on mobile devices, business houses will have to rethink about their marketing plans. The audience is changing and so should the marketing means and material. At the same time, mobile technology is getting simpler. It’s much simpler to build mobile based applications. It’s much easier to run mobile campaigns, stay in the buzz and remain connected with your audience.

We have seen the era when customers were expecting web app to have usability like desktop app. Now customers are doing the same with mobile – asking almost all that is possible in web on their mobile applications. That’s a challenge but the pace at which mobile hardware is improving; smart mobile devices will soon do more than what web app does today. It already has new usage with tagging (QR Code & Microsoft TAG) and scanning usage.

Great change creates great opportunities. Let us know your problem, we will get you your solution

Today, we completed 2 months of operation and progressing strong. Exciting journey has begun! :)

Our vision is to help build strong local societies. We do this by providing solutions that enables neighborhood and local societies network. First solution in this direction is SocietyHive (www.societyhive.com). This will help people stay connected, manage their society, collaborate, celebrate, talk about issues that matters and work for local cause.

In the era where people have the motto of "go global", we have come up with neighbourhood networking portal with motto "go local". Our local societies have lot to contribute in who we are today and what we have achieved in our lives. It's our duty to give back and work closely for our local societies where our children will grow. 

Societyhive, the next generation neighbourhood networking portal.

Society Management Software

Sunday, June 5, 2011 #

In last couple years, I am seeing more and more discussion on why companies in the west should look for better alternatives (especially on IT outsourcing). Many times such discussions are propaganda from companies of competing countries but many are genuine concerns as well. Concerns like: why they continue to face challenges in outsourcing, quality problems, debate on “Offshore Vs Nearshore”, etc. Everyone has their own share of challenges with many common factors but I consistently see everyone missing one primary factor. i.e. “the quality of onsite team”.

Common reasons:
Outsourcing is happening at expense of local jobs
It’s great to think about your own country and community but let’s think logically and not emotionally. Fact is that many companies have survived because of outsourcing. Outsourcing is not a choice in many cases and helps companies to grow. Eventually, it results in local jobs and healthier eco-system.

Working in difference time zone
A valid reason for a smoother communication if everyone was on same/similar time zone. However, fact still remains that team is not in same office in nearshore as well. Working odd hours continues to address this issue. Better organized team will face fewer problems because of different time zone. At the same time, organizations are able to function 24x7 because of offices in different time zones.

Cultural affinity and better communication
I see this as an irrelevant factor. I have not had or seen any major communication breach in my career so far. Even though there is vast different in accent and culture of west and India, Indian professionals have adapted and so has the professionals in the west. Openness in global business and travel has helped in breaching this gap.

Other factors
There can be few more major and minor factors but everyone is missing one important driver of getting better outsourcing experience

Missing factor:
Quality of onsite team
I have consistently seen companies stressing more on offshore units/dept for quality. No one seem to realize that this is a team work and adding better technicians and more head counts is not the solution. You tend to think it’s working when team is onsite because then you have the luxury to sit with them, clean up the mess and keep the problem under carpets. You can’t get a quality output from a crap input. You got to have a solid analyst and project/product manager onsite to get the best out of offsite team. An idea may look simple, a few pager document may be enough for the customer but when any project goes in development it requires clear instructions on what is to be done and what not.

“Quality of onsite team” is paramount in making an onsite-offsite team work efficiently with high quality. Over the years, I have consistently seen that better the onsite team, better are the results from offsite team.

Saturday, April 23, 2011 #

How do you really define a start up? Is it because of:
• Duration
• Number of employees
• Valuation
• Professional management team and business model or some other reason?

Secondly, what are you doing to ensure that you remain stable, reduce your risk of operation and get out of the startup mania to concentrate on right areas? What are you doing to build a self-sustaining growing team and business?

I rarely see business owners giving time to such topics. You can always get things done if you pay weather it’s from your employee or outsource to someone else. I have seen companies with 100+ employees – 5+ year old and still behaving like a startup. In one instance I saw 250+ people company and ~10 year old working as a startup. So, what should you really do to get out of the startup phase? Here are some points that I could think of:

You can’t really assemble few guys in a room and call them team. This takes time, requires mentoring and training before you have a resilient, confident and performing team. At no stage can you take it lightly. It’s never expendable. I have seen companies loosing key employees because they became too expensive, promises during interviews were not met, do not see growth, manager, etc. Irrespective of reason it’s the management who has to be careful and vigilant to ensure team is intact. An employee can’t really be replaced by another hire all the time. Many times there is so much IP involved which can’t be handed over or regained in short span of time. In an organization, there is place for all types of resource. It’s about keeping right heads at right position with right motivation.

A company who is not able to retain their key people and retain their team will always remain startup.

Company culture:
Every employee is part of this unconsciously. This includes the kind of people you are hiring, what interpersonal qualities you value, how good work is appreciated, how motivated your team is, etc. Leaders of the company impact this most. So often you would see people joining at less salary and smaller company because they were more comfortable and confident in that company.

How happy is your last man:
Leaders should remain in touch and accessible to the last man. You can never have a successful ecosystem until the last man is happy and delivering. Someone who is performing or vocal is always visible. A leader should be able to see beyond those people, remain accessible, take their feedback and take corrective steps.

Think beyond current projects:
As a leader, business owner or manager, you must see beyond current set of projects. It is very easy to get occupied or over occupied with current engagements. You should invest in future, upcoming technologies, keeping yourself updated with your business domain and reuse.

This is extremely important and missing from startups. It’s not about ISO and CMM but to streamline your processes in everything you do. It’s about removing person dependencies and doing the same task with same or better quality and remain predictable.

A company must standardize their production/development work. This also helps in reusing, maintaining quality and achieving predicable results.

Friday, April 22, 2011 #

My team was facing acute errors just about the delivery time. We approached MS India, freelancers, topic expects but so solution. In our case, I found out that this was a local environment issue rather than a generic issue which is why no one had any solution.

Environment: SharePoint 2010
Issue: we were getting error while creating a new site from a site template we had created. Our deliverable to the client was a site template.
Our resolution (steps):
1. Create a new “site template” without content.
2. Prepare a fresh installed SharePoint 2010 environment
3. Create a new site using the “site template” (WSP file) at the new SP portal
4. Now recreate or export/import all backend date like lists, documents, etc.
5. Create a new “site template” from the new SharePoint 2010 environment (which now has all artifacts)
6. Now deploy the site template and create a site using it on any SharePoint environment.

More details about the issue and it's resolution:
• Devs were able to export and successfully create new sites using the template until 2 weeks back
• Only things which changed during this time was that we installed a new third party SharePoint tools and webparts
• We were able to create a site template but it was failing to create a site on another site collection in absence of some missing components
• We were getting correlation error {e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f} which means we need to have “MobileExcelWebAccess” activated. We were not able to find how to activate this component.
• I then uninstalled the additional component (installed couple weeks back) and removed the webpart. I also used clean up tool (http://featureadmin.codeplex.com/) to remove some features. This did not resolve the problem
• I then tried to take full backup and restore on other site collection. I noticed that the webparts and features were cleaned but yet a part of back files.
• I then tried working with a fresh SharePoint environment which worked (as above).

Errors that we received while creating new sites using a custom template:

An unexpected error has occurred.
Correlation ID: {C111a414-03fa-44b2-b9c8-f23ba0e0214f}

The site template requires that the Feature {e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f} be activated in the site collection.
Correlation ID: {2e31b8c9-78a9-4a10-8779-539a811a83f5}

Saturday, April 9, 2011 #

This is an interesting question one of my friends asked me recently. Answer to this is very subjective…. So often business owners get into the trap of numbers and miss to appreciate and honor the factors that are generating those numbers for them. Yes, being financially successful is the basic reason for doing any business. However, you have to build a lucrative ecosystem to be able to have a sustainable business. I believe business is “people” and “money” is an output of the business. Business is a people game and employees make lot of compromises (at personal level) to be able to make the business successful. Many business owners fail to acknowledge and honor it in right way which triggers such questions.

Finance is the core of any business and all successful control it very closely. Someone who don’t control finance properly understands it’s importance hard way. I will segment business owners in multiple types:

Dynamic business leader:
• These are dynamic leaders, build leaders around them and have a charged team to execute.
• Gets the best out of his/her team
• Will always look at the larger picture and not hesitant in spending money on goodwill of employees. Employee is his/her investment
• Most successful (overall) and can build the biggest of businesses

Capitalist with loads of money:
• They invest in ideas and people
• Do not really get involve closely in business (many times) as long as they see/get their profits
• Level of risk they take is highest as they are not the one in control

• Toughest to work with.
• Most successful (financially). Can get the best return on investments but most time won’t make it BIG.
• Technically, there businesses can behave like start-ups even about 10 years of operation.

• In best control of commodity/product and production.
• Many times confused and can take fatal decisions. A technically correct product might not be a business correct product.
• Having a business mind + technologist is rare.

Thursday, July 1, 2010 #

More “right time” questions:
What is the right time to:
    - start any business?
    - take some risks?
    - realize your dreams?
    - dream, plan and act?
    - experiment and learn?

Answer to all is NOW. There could be many such questions but no one can time the market, luck or dream. Every time I think something different than common: I hardly see people getting aligned or relating to those ideas/thoughts. I see them realizing it only after it is done or proved! This has happened with me in both personal and professional life.

You cannot time the right time – all that you can do is plan and execute! As I always say, “you plan well – you execute well”

Over a period of time, I have learned that every “wrong can be right” and every “right can potentially be wrong”. Its multidimensional and very relative/comparative. Something which is “right” for an individual need not be “right” for entire community and vice-versa. Everything cannot be decided by majority or election. So, it is ok to think different and do different.

P.S. – Very relevant 100 years old Bengali poem: “Jodi tor dak shune keu na aase, tobe ekla cholo re….” written by great Ravindranath Tagore. In English: “If no one comes along on your call, march alone…”.

Ever wondered what makes an organization better from others to work for? Most professionals have been through this question. So... what makes an organization different and better than others? Here are some parameters:

Salary: yes, one of primary reasons. (There is no salary bigger than expectations )
Employees: Irrelevant factor as they keep changing and you end up getting similar employees across organizations (in same category)
Your manager: Big factor which can change your life in either direction.
Team: Good factor as you are champion because of your team. Every successful person is because of his/her team
Company size: Irrelevant factor
Work: Primary factor!

I believe good quality work will attract good talent and professionals. Good professionals will make a good, motivated and performing team. Good team work makes an organization with correct working environment. Hence, for an organization to succeed, it requires good work and good management. So, look for quality and quantity of work – rest will follow automatically.

Sunday, June 27, 2010 #

Today, outsourcing is not a choice but NEED. In today’s time, you cannot ignore technology irrespective of your business domain. If you are looking for a decent sized technology development or support (especially in developed economies): you will have to look at cost effectiveness for doing technology development. You cannot just do it all in-house (in developed economies) for the level of cost that is required and the level of professional required to do the job.

I run a software development house from Pune, India and often come across following questions. Here are my answers to them:

How cost effective is technology outsourcing?

- So often I see outsourcing being related primarily to cost and just cost! I see this as a wrong approach. Yes, cost is one of primary drivers but not the only one. So, instead of answering this question, I suggest them to aim at forming a “Technology and R&D Center” instead of a “Cost Center”. Philosophy is very simple: you can always get another vendor who could provide same service at lower cost! Secondly, in the ever demanding and competitive market you cannot run a sustainable and successful business with substandard products/services.

What takes to start my own technology center in India?

- Beyond work and money, you need someone who can run the show in India. Setting up an enterprise in India, especially technology house is easy but getting right heads and right position holds the key. I have seen multiple instances where organization closed because of wrong business heads, teams failed to deliver proper outputs because of wrong technical leads and managers. Right processes, culture, vision starts from top. Secondly, you cannot just outsource anything and everything and expect miracle to happen. In most cases you need correct resources onshore/onsite.

Conclusion: its not just money power but people who run the show!

How safe and reliable is it to do outsourcing? What to outsource and what not?

- First of all, you are not inventing outsourcing today. It’s a proven and reliable way of doing business for the smallest to the biggest possible business houses. Answer to above question can be included here – having right set of people at right position holds the key to reliability. Initially, only disconnected and low profile work use to get outsourced. Time has changed and so has the trend. Today, even Microsoft does core development and R&D from its India office. 

What is the best location for doing outsourcing?

- Of course India! I have seen people debating on this and everyone is entitled to have an opinion. Fact that almost all large technology companies worldwide have a development and R&D center in India. Frankly, I see many global enterprises shutting down if they stop their operations from India. Outsourcing is no more a choice but a NEED. Its not only the low profile work that is being outsourced today but the best and most technical work that you could possibly do in any business vertical.