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Lets face it, RegEx are a part and parcel of a developers’ life and very few actually have the know how to write them and even fewer have the willingness to do so. I am in the second category and oftentimes it takes me quite bit of inertia to wake up and create that perfect RegEx for my needs.

Nettuts+ here does a lot of good to the community by providing a well thought-out and even well presented list of 8 RegEx you should know. Some of which you must have come across at some point in your career.

Here’s the link

And while we are at it do take a look at the following tools for reducing our RegEx phobia if any.

MSDN on .Net Framework RegEx
RegEx Language elements
Online RegEx Validator
RegEx in Visual Studio (Useful for Find and Replace)
Regular Expression utorial at Regular-Expression.Info (Thanks to Geeta in comments below)

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good one ...helpful for web developers. Here some more helpful links.
Left by Geeta on Feb 22, 2010 9:52 AM

# re: About Regular expressions
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Thank you, Geeta. That first link is a must have.Added it to the list.
Left by Sarang on Feb 22, 2010 1:51 PM

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