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Having the privilege to attend PDC ‘09 and going to local user groups (PADNUG, PDXSLUG, and OSQL-d) throughout 2009 brought up an interesting conversation with a college about having a conversation with a stranger where you know quite a bit more about them than they know about you thanks to the internet and social media.  Certainly what one publishes on the internet isn’t the totality of one’s interests, personality, or life but it is sometimes an interesting slice of one’s life and a way to open the door and strike up a conversation with someone.  It’s a different experience to have a conversation with someone knowing their published information (blogs, articles, open source contributions, tweets, and so on) when they know nothing about you, and it can be challenging in that it changes the normal course of “getting to know you” type of conversation.  The phrase that came up to describe this disparity of information was ‘information asymmetry.’  As it turns out this phrase is used by economists to characterize a condition in which one party has more information than another (Investor Words, Wikipedia, and Google) and some applicability to game theory.

So, what does this have to do with ‘Hello World’?  Well, few developers/languages start without the canonical ‘Hello World’ example, and who am I to break with stereotype/tradition/cliché?  Equally important, it allows me to make up for some of the information asymmetry, improve market efficiencies, balance the game, and so on.  With that being said, let me introduce myself with an elevator pitch summary: I go by Charles Courchaine, tweet every now and again as @CharlesPDX, I’ve got a degree or two (oddly only tangentially related to development), I like problem solving (in some domains more than others) so much so that I do it for a living – currently by building tools and solving problems for other developers internally (at a place nice enough to employ me) and external customers on a Microsoft stack (VB.NET, C#, & MSSQL), I like semantics and information theory, and I want to go back to school either for a grad. certificate or a master of science in something development related this time.  My aim with this blog is to repay some of the good will and good information I’ve received from the community; hopefully with half way decent writing, content, and humor.

Next time, a challenge I received and some gentile functional introduction.

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