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Highcharts Export Tool Step by Step for IIS7 and .Net 2.0/4.0

1. Download Highcharts Export Module for ASP.Net From Tek4

2. Create New Website using IIS

3. Copy the contents of Exporting_Demo_website to the root folder of the newly created Web Site

4. Configure Application Pool entry for the new website
1. Open IIS Configuration Console 
2. Go to Application Pools
3. Right click on the name of the new application and select Advance Settings
4. Set Managed Pipeline Mode - Classic

5. Configure ISAPI and CGI restrictions
1. Open IIS Configuration Console 
2. Select the IIS server 
3. open ISAPI and CGI Restrictions
4. Select the .Net version that you require
5. put a check mark on "Allow extension path to execute"

6. Restart IIS Services

Test the Export Utility

1. Make sure to use the correct web.config file
2. You can test the site by opening default.aspx 
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