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Anytime you go beyond a very simple Installer script, you will need to pass in variables into WIX (e.g. selecting assemblies from the \Release\ or \Debug\ folders, or retitling the MSI for a "Debug" build installer).

Your WIX Script (WixVarDemo.wxs) might Include a few variables like this:

    <File Source='..\Solutions\bin\$(var.DLLFOLDER)\Image.png' ... />


  <Directory Id="ProgramMenuDir" Name='Howard' LongName="Howard$(var.FOLDERNAME)">

You would compile the script (and pass the variables like this).

> candle.exe -dDLLFOLDER=Debug -dFOLDERNAME=" (Demo)" -dEMPTYVAR="" WixVarDemo.wxs

Note: We can also pass empty variables (for a shortcut to read "MonsterApp" or "MonsterApp (Debug Build)".  The empty quotes ("") are not needed, but are clearer and safer (especially when passing in variables from MSBuild).



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