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Traverse XML
public void ExtractNodes() { string HoldTheOrder = ""; //HttpPostedFile myFile = DatFile.PostedFile; //if ((myFile.FileName == null) || (myFile.FileName.Equals(""))) //{ // lblConfirm.Text = "Path is not correct!"; // return; //} string DestinationPath = @"C:\XMLOutput.txt"; //// create a file for output SWrtr = new StreamWriter(DestinationPath); XmlTextReader XMLRdr = new XmlTextReader("c:\\gt.xml"); // path of the xml file bool Flag; while (XMLRdr.Read()) { Flag = false; switch (XMLRdr.NodeType) ......

Posted On Thursday, February 15, 2007 10:56 AM

window service
How to debug a window service

Posted On Friday, February 9, 2007 8:20 AM

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