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  • franhoey @ForeignHoey You set some dates for an event or something and send out the link, people can tick days they can and can't do. Very simple about 657 days ago
  • franhoey @vivslack Viv there is a place in Llangollen that does I think, I went on a Whitewater rafting thing there about 658 days ago
  • franhoey @eifion Hmm, no, I use Excel! I'll take a look. about 658 days ago
  • franhoey Yes contractors are paid more and yes even with the time doing accounts it's still worth it, but bloody hell, it drives me potty about 658 days ago
  • franhoey @realRobT79 yes we have! I'm out at the moment but if you drop me an email I'll send you the code(s) later. about 659 days ago

Fran Hoey Compact Framework
Compact Framework Visual Inheritance P/Invoke Designer Error
This is a problem I've struggled and struggled with. No workaround or fix I found on the internet worked. In fact the work around I finally got to work incorporates a combination of fixes. Symptoms The Form or User Control designer in Visual Studio displays the following error: Visual inheritance is currently disabled because the base class references a device-specific component or contains P/Invoke Cause In case you didn't know P/Invoke is used to access un-managed code (com components). The designer ......

Posted On Friday, May 6, 2011 12:36 PM

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