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Following the debranding of the Nokia N95 8GB, updating the phone's firmware, and reconnecting it to the TomTom Rider, I managed to set up the connection.

In June, I performed a real life test. With the TomTom, the phone, and the motorcycle, I went for a trip abroad. Just before I left, I checked the data packet plan for my subscription (Vodafone Live, The Netherlands). At home, it is a flat fee subscription with a fair use policy. Abroad, the packet data connection is causing additional cost. Drivers are: the amount of data transmitted, and a fixed amount for each time (!) a data connection is set up.

Wary of the potential cost, I decided to give it a try. When driving towards the border, everything worked fine. Through the phone's data connection, the TomTom Rider received international traffic information for the whole route to my destination (including The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark). Right after entering into Germany, the TomTom indicated that it could no longer update the traffic information. When driving a motorcycle, this problem is difficult to investigate further. So, after some fruitless attempts at fuel stops, I decided to switch off the phone to save it's battery.

A few days later, on the way back from Germany to home, I switched on the phone again, including the bluetooth connection. After more than one hour driving in Germany, suddenly the TomTom received an update of the traffic information. Again, I could not analyze the cause of this. After crossing the border with The Netherlands, everyhting started to work smoothly again.

Ever since, I have used the TomTom with the phone for a number of rides in the country. The traffic information on the TomTom is not always refreshed. Sometimes, the bluetooth connection with th phone is causing problems, sometimes there is another, unknown cause.

Looking at a number of aspects, I have come to the conclusion that obtaining traffic information (along with other types of data) through a mobile phone's packet data connection is inferior and a potential driver of considerable cost:

- The traffic information service provided by TomTom is paid-for.

- Most phone subscription data plans will charge additional, pay-per-use type of cost when using the data connection abroad. Note that the TomTom will attempt to refresh traffic information every 15 mins or so.

- The bluetooth connection with my Nokia N95 8GB is still dodgy. I feel that the Nokia is more to blame than the TomTom, but still

- Why create a subscription service for traffic information when there is TMC available in most Western European countries? TMC is free and pretty accurate (at least for the country you are driving in at that moment). Most navigation devices using TMC have a separate tuner that "round robins" all FM-stations for TMC-information. This makes the information less vulnerable to a single source failing, and makes the refresh rate of the data effectively better than every 15 minutes.

For those reasons, I decided to buy a TMC-enabled navigation kit for the car. Since only a few of their top range models sport this feature, TomTom lost this battle from the competition: I bought a Navigon 7110.

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# re: Nokia N95 8GB and TomTom Rider 2nd generation : sequel #1
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Thankfully, Nokia released their Navigation series of phone so you won't have to worry about third party software.
Left by poison_ivy on Jan 24, 2009 7:39 AM

# re: Nokia N95 8GB and TomTom Rider 2nd generation : sequel #1
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@poison_ivy: how are you doing since Lux passed away? See:

Back to your remark. The Tom Tom Rider 2 I am describing is not third party software. Well, it is software packaged in its own hardware. Works like a charm on the motorcycle, except the traffic information and the bluetooth connection...
Left by Erwin on Apr 28, 2009 4:00 PM

# re: Nokia N95 8GB and TomTom Rider 2nd generation : sequel #1
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I'm glad it's not just me with a Nokia N95 8gb and the TomTom Rider 2nd Gen. Mine will connect to the Rider and the Rider through to the Scala Headset but, and it's a big but, you cannot hear the phone on the headset but you can hear the tom tom fine. I don't know whether it is the scala, tomtom or nokia. Very frustrating.
Left by Martin on May 14, 2009 2:25 PM

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