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During the troubles with the device lock code, I have also attempted to reset the device with a few known tricks for that. Look for some support forum postings on how to do it. Will not reveal it here, because it requires you to push an impossible combination of three buttons while switching the device on.

After I managed to "break" the N95 interpretation of my device lock code, I noticed that the reset attempt had worked. Note that I was never informed before that the reset attempt had worked. The only thing I saw was the device lock key entry box, nothing else. But the reset had worked.

So, I had to spend another hour to restore a backup I made.

Now, I also had to work my way through the impressive list of Nokia-application that was installed on my laptop when I thought I only installed the PC-suite. After some clueless clicking around, and after the Nokia control centre on my laptop decided it had to install a 25 MB upgrade, I found out that I have to use the "Content Copier" application for restoring a backup. A little sidestep: I remember the good old days when backing up and restoring a mobile device could be done with an application that has at least the word "backup" in its name.

Content copier presents me with a sleek black window design, and informs me that not a single backup can be found. My fault, should have tested this before I could expect it to work. It appears that I have to place the backup files back in the place where Content Copier created it. Then, the "open file" dialogue, with the sleek back design, does not inform me that a backup file was found. After some clueless clicking, it appears to be searching folders instead of looking for individual files.

Restored the backup and found out that a number of actions have to be done manually. The SyncML synchronization with the back office needs to be fooled: otherwise the back office system will think I erased some appointments from the calendar, and will also erase them from the back office system for convenience.


  • What on earth could be in a 25MB upgrade of a dreadful set of tools that do not work properly, neither before or after the upgrade? I would say that this functionality could fit in an 800K executable...
  • Whoever asked for a sleek black user window design, that, without my approval, overrules WIndows Vista window settings?
  • Why this poor quality, laptop invading, application maze?
  • All in all, the whole pc toolkit looks like the Sony Ericsson P900 stuff I used to have. Except that the SE toolkit had a crystal clear, working backup/restore tool with an understandable name, a self-describing icon and a lean user interface.

So far with the frustrations. Maybe focus on the N95's basic function: making phone calls. Have had no complaints about that anymore, since I switched bluetooth off forever. This also helped to reduce the number of "very hard resets" required...


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Sounds like hard work. I hate restoring my backup that's why I save all my files and photos on my memory card. As for the programs, I really don't install that much on my phones.
Left by Anonymous on Jan 24, 2009 7:55 AM

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pleas help me
Left by murtaza on Apr 07, 2009 3:24 PM

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