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A few months ago I've promised that version 1.1 will be released in July.  Today I make good on that promise and am happy to announce that version 1.1 is ready for download!

A very big thanks goes out to those who not only have purchased WCFStorm but also provided valuable feedback in terms of feature requests and bug reports.  Thank you very much guys.


Below are the main features of version 1.1

  1. Loading of existing client App.config files into WCFStorm
  2. One-click execution of all functional test cases under a method or of the whole WCF service.
  3. A plugin interface for custom validations of functional test cases.
  4. A plugin interface for randomizing requests or re-using the previous response as input to the next request.
  5. A plugin interface for programmatically modifying the ServiceEndpoint instance
  6. A plugin interface to support Duplex services


Here's the full list of what's new in 1.1

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i am doing a project ,but my vs_wcftestclient can't work.Thank you!
Left by zhuliang on Mar 20, 2014 5:06 PM

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