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Last night a friend and I were at Changi international airport having coffee and just wiling away the time. And of all the topics that we could have talked about, we ended up talking about love. Hahaha! yeah, love. Well.. I suppose its not that surprising  given that most of the people we know who came here to Singapore ended up with a messed-up love life.  That of course includes me. 

So how does moving to another country relate to  breakups?  Was it the distance? Was it the breakdown in communication caused by multitude of factors, primary of which is distance?  Was it because both persons are now living "separate" lives?  Or was it because they now are able to see the relationship from a different perspective now that their partner is no longer always around?

... *Sigh* ...

I wish I know the answer. 

I wish my friend knew the answer.

But sadly,  we were as just as clueless as everyone else.  When love happens, when it hits you, you just know it. You just feel it. No matter how hard you try to find a logical reason as to why you have this feeling, you'll just never find it.  It just happens.  Ironically, the same argument can be applied as to why love disappears.  One day you just realize that the feelings you had before is gone (or dying) without really knowing why.  Again, you just feel it. The realization hits you just as hard as when you realized you were in love.

Love it seems is a creature of whim. It comes and goes as it pleases.  And it doesn't even bother to explain.

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