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Lately I was working on automating the whole build and deployment process of our client's Biztalk solution, I noticed this one (wonderful) thing about the binding file for a receive port.  There is a tag called Enablewhich takes the value true or false.  If you set this value to “True“, the receive location will automatically be enabled and ready to pickup messages once you deploy the binding file using either the Deployment wizard,  or the btsdeploy tool that comes with Biztalk, or with the <btsdeploy> task in NAntContrib. 

- <ReceivePortCollection>
- <ReceivePort Name="Rport" IsTwoWay="false">
- <ReceiveLocations>
- <ReceiveLocation Name="RPortLoc">
  <PublicAddress />
  <ReceiveLocationTransportType Name="FILE" Capabilities="11" ConfigurationClsid="5e49e3a6-b4fc-4077-b44c-22f34a242fdb" />
  <ReceivePipeline Name="myPipeline" FullyQualifiedName="myPipeline, test, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f2271656e711e5a5" Type="1" />
  <ReceivePipelineData xsi:nil="true" />
  <Enable>trueEnable>               <<== HERE!!
- <ReceiveHandler Name="BizTalkServerApplication">
  <TransportType Name="FILE" Capabilities="11" ConfigurationClsid="5e49e3a6-b4fc-4077-b44c-22f34a242fdb" />
Sadly, this tag does not exist for the send port.  If you want to automatically start the send ports, you have to explicitly start them using the &lt;btssendport&gt; task of NAntContrib or with the StartSendport VB script which is in the Biztalk SDK.
The NAntContrib tasks I'm referring to can be found in the March Nightly-Build version (that's the one I'm using.)  I am not sure if these tasks are already included in the release version.  But so far, I haven't encountered any bugs.
Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 2:15 AM | Back to top

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