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How much can you write in a weekend?  I couldn't have answered that question prior to this weekend but now I can.

This is in regard to this other post I made:  Programming vs. Writing a Novel

Now I don't want any hate mail from all you jealous guys because I will get all the babes being as cool as I am (just kidding honey) BUT I did crank out close to 20,000 words this weekend...and that is just plain awesome...or sick depending upon your perspective.
I got into a groove Friday night and stayed up until about 4AM, I didn’t really want to go to sleep at that point but the coffee stopped working at about 3AM and my eyelids rebelled.  I picked it back up at noon on Saturday and stayed at it until about 2AM.  After dragging my sorry backside out of bed Sunday I worked on it until about 1AM this morning.  Total time:  ~31 hours.  That equates to about 645 words/hour or just under 11 words/minute.  Hmmm…that doesn’t really sound very fast does it?

What did all this require?

  1. Coffee -- lots and lots of coffee
  2. An open weekend with the wife and kids off doing stuff that didn't require my presence.
  3. Tylenol for the sore hands.
  4. Hot pockets – the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.
  5. Some really good music (Eroica Trio, YoYoMa\Morricone, Coldplay, U2 etc, etc)
  6. Did I mention coffee?

I generally don't believe in quantity over quality but frankly this is good stuff even if I have to pat my own back.  I reread what I had written late last night to make sure it worked with what I had prior to this weekend.  Frankly I am pretty jazzed about how things are going.  At this rate I might actually finish before the turn of the century. 

Since I was asked to post this stuff:  I spoke to an friend who happens to be an attorney (yes some attorneys actually have friends) who asked a colleague about copywriting for me.  Evidently in the US and Europe just by writing something down it is copywrited by definition.  It is your intellectual property.  The purpose for registering your copywrite with the Library of Congress is simply to make it easier to sue someone for infringing upon your copywrite. 

He also told me that it costs ~$50 US as a filing fee with Library, a one page form and a copy of your work (whatever it might be).  He also told me that if I was incompetent and couldn't read simple instructions he would be happy to fill out the form and file it for me for $500 US – their firm does it all the time.

One last bit of information.  He also said unless I was going to be distributing it prior to its completion there really was no reason to register the copywrite until it was done.  I haven't been handing out copies (takes forever to print) and the only person who has read any significant portion of it is a friend who is acting as an editor. 

You learn something every day.  With all that said I won't be posting any excerpts for awhile since I am a cheap dude.  Women love cheap dudes don’t they?

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