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I realise getting myself to contribute to this blog is going to be a tedious process.  Only a few months ago I started a personal journal and have found it to be a great resource.  I figure keeping track of some of the bugs and troubles I've had along the way would be a great personal resource so I am committed to getting a technical blog going.

I'm still doing my research into subversion and it's use.  My first goal is to migrate my web applications onto it, as certainly I could take advantage of having my source code archived and revisioned.  While I do well enough without it I never turn down an opportunity to make things easier.

I've been toying with the idea of starting work on a personal wiki.  I havn't found any decent journal writing software and I'd like to have a good way to categorize and relate my thoughts in a wiki style method.  I have a few ideas I'm always working on but it's hard to keep my thoughts organized.  I like the ability to contribute and revise documents online so I figure why not migrate a similar concept to the local machine for document creation?   Anyways, getting in subversion should give me some good ideas on what concepts I can incorporate in such a task.

I found this link which is a good reference to installation of subversion on windows.

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