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Alright, so I'm definately committed to making a solid attempt at blogging some of my work efforts.  I figure there have been many difficulties I have encountered in which I've benefited from the solutions I've found on blogs and forums and it's only appropriate that I join in the community.

I've been managing the technical and development operations for a small e-commerce firm for a while now and have had alot of success at keeping myself organized in my developments.  Unfortunately my budget has been limited so I've only been able to get by with a copy of Visual Studio C#.  Pretty meak but given the reliance on microsoft I was stuck with to begin with, I've grown to like and enjoy their efforts at improving their technology, despite the high costs for small operations.

Up until my laptop went on the brink, I had no trouble keeping my projects organized via directories and work through visual studio.  At that point though, I had to migrate back to a desktop and my files suddenly became harder to manage.

So, after much rambling, I've found a suggestion that Subversion  works as a good free source control tool.

It seems to come recommened from a couple blogs I googled. and

I also found a webbook that looks like a good source for a background in using subversion, though I havn't looked at it in detail yet.

I'm going to add the tortoise extension so I can manage my files via explorer and probably the visual extension, I'm going to use the version as I do develop web projects and applications.

Will update on my thoughts on how it runs and interacts.

I'm tempted to set up my own community server such as what this site runs, but for now to get me started this is a great resource and I thank Jeff Julian for sharing it.


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