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Dedicated servers are rather complex solution which needs some time before you can adapt to it. The basic step is to understand why to go for this server and what advantages does it provide over other servers. In order to do first you need to get familiar with the technical terms that will come up once you are running it.

1)    The very first thing that I will do is explain to what does dedicated server hosting mean? Dedicated server is your private server which only you use and you don’t have to share it with anybody else. This is a server which is adjustable as it lets you decide on operating systems, hardware and many other resources. Although they are little costly, but they provide high speed and safety.

2)    DNSBL (DNS blacklist): there are times when you come across DNSBL. Although I hope you don’t come across it, however if it does happen then the only explanation out is that your server might have been blacklisted. This is something that is put aside for networks that dispense spam or any service that is harmful.

3)    Managed server is a term that you will not come across very often because most of the web hosting offer unmanaged dedicated server. Since dedicated servers are more private, they don’t get much disturbance from others due to which you can configure it in the best suitable way. However if you use managed server, you will be provided with support by the host as they be running and taking care of it for you.

4)    Another term is name server. Now, the question is what does it do? A name server interprets your IP address into a human-readable domain name. This is done so that the user can search for your website with the help of domain name. It basically makes it more user-friendly since it is more convenient for them.

5)    RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a phrase that is not very common and therefore you don’t come across it as often as you do with other phrases and terms. In this your disks are backed up by a series of expandable hard disk which will save your data in case of your operating hard drive crashes for any reason.

6)    Tunnelling is the term that allows you to condense data between network protocols. A usual form of this is through SSH which allows you to tunnel different types of protocols in order to provide safe file transfer and connection.


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