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Paul Randal of does a great job of answering the question of why there are so many undocumented DBCC commands in his post Why are so many DBCC commands undocumented? I would like to go on to say that not only does this apply to the DBCC commands but is some respect to all parts of SQL, other Servers, IDE's, Operating Systems, just about ......

Richard brings out some really good points about BI and where it came from and why you need it. Check out his post for details ==> BI--What is it really? » Richard's Attic till later, John ......

Please vote for Ola Hallengren, in my opinion he has the best maintenance scripts, and best of all “THERE FREE!”.

You can check out his scripts and well as the link to vote from this page SQL Server Backup, Integrity Check, Index and Statistics Maintenance

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Check out what Paul Randall discovered with DBCC CHECKDB with SQL 2005

In Recovery... | (Not a) CHECKDB error "Unable to deallocate a kept page"

Let’s all welcome Samuel Mathew to the Dynamics Blogging community


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