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Hi Guys, few days back I needed to install few DLL  assemblies to GAC, since I hardly knew about this topic, so googled on the internet and here is what I learned; There is a utility named ‘gacutil.exe’

which is delivered with Visual studio and .NET framework ( search in your PC for gacutil.exe) or you can also download  from internet.

Before installing the DLL to GAC , ensure that the DLL you want to install has a strong name. To assign a strong name follow these steps::


1) Open the visual studio and open your C# project

2) Right click on the project/Solution and click on properties.


3) Click on the ‘Signing’ tab

image4) Select the check box Sign the assembly and select a strong key file .

image5) You can also create a new key file by selecting new, click on new to create a key file, provide the name of the file and password


6) Now build your solution, the dll file generated has a strong name.

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In assigning a strong name you need to get .NET DLL from somewhere that provides some really cool functionality that you need for your BizTalk/SharePoint/etc application. And the you go install the utility into the GAC. Please try this and for sure you'll be grateful. - Kyle Thomas Glasser
Left by Kyle Thomas Glasser on Feb 27, 2012 3:26 PM

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