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Business operation framework is the investments Microsoft is making towards SOA and becoming Cloud ready.
SysOperation framework is the future replacement for RunBase batch framework. The only reason Microsoft have not depreciated RunBase Batch is because there is still a lot of existing code base using Runbase.
SysOperation framework follows the MVC pattern and it ensures that the server side code is executed by the .NET framework.  That’s why it is necessary to generate incremental IL when you make any change the model class.
 IL generation can be verified by looking into the following folder
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\AxaptaTest\bin\XppIL
Note: path is relative to the local installation.
  If you can see latest changes made to model class then it confirms that IL generated.
 So, what you can again by implementing SysOperation framework instead of Runbase
1.     Performance - Code which is run as IL is way faster than X++ as it is not interpreted by AX C++ kernel instead it generated as IL and ran by .NET framework.
2.     Segregation of Model, View and Controller.
3.     In previous version model and controller were amalgamate in a class and AX form use to serve as view.
4.     This amalgamation of model and controller increase client server chattiness since all the parameter has passed into container in pack and unpack method.
5.     Model method can be exposed as AIF service method , just by registering the inbound port to that method.
6.     Consistent approach for UI validation since data contracts can be inherited. For to and from date are used in lot of business processes. Data contract for to and from date can inherited along with the validation
7.     AIF and SSRS report is also using the same framework. Again a consistent development experience.
Links to SysOperation framework :
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