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An awesome book on an awesome language conceived by brilliant MIT computer scientists!
The author clearly a technically savvy, mature professional who understands Julia very well.
Besides, the language itself beats everything I have ever seen to date (e.g. Python, C, and more).
It beats every language because it is simple, friendly and elegant, and it is not built to be a data manipulation language only, but a replacement to just any programming language. How you can do the 21st century programming using GPU, parallel processing, streams and more is both astonishing and easy. The language has the type system which is very flexible and the language can call other languages or its own code or libraries or be even embedded. Database connectivity is via ODBC though looks like only.
Julia is very worth starting learning.
I anticipate the release 0.4 as stated by the author in the book to be even better.
The book allows to set your development shop on any OS (even though using Linux implies) and smooth sailing through numerous topics and examples of high quality and code on the web for grabs. The book covers enough to start developing about any programs. Where you need to do some home work is probably in finding relevant to the task at hand libraries (that grow in number weekly).
5 out of 5, a winning combination of a superb language, good book, and author!

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