I am sure every IT pro, executive or about anyone who interfaces databases on a regular basis already heard of the Big Data term. However, despite is was arguably coined back in year 2000 the actual raise of the waive has just began. Jeffrey Needham’s book is exactly for those who are willing to ride or already on this wave.

Jeffrey Needham will take you through a short history of Big Data and amaze with useful facts as well as sure set you right regarding the expectations starting from the implementation to running a Big Data enterprise.

The journey will continue and expand into covering the aspects of acquiring, setting up and running a Big Data venture.

More importantly, the book opens the eyes on what are the emerging possibilities and potential dangers in Big Data lowered adoption entry bar. The author will dispel several myths some IT folks may be believing in, so stay tuned for surprises as DYI supercomputing (hey, but I am not going to reveal them all here, grab your copy)!

Throughout the book I have found numerous points I suspected would be applicable to companies embarking onto the Big Data as team organization and the historical cycles repetition and agree in full with just every one.

As an aside, every book from the Strata category complements each other, and in my opinion are all a must read for individuals involved in activities ranging from ETL to building databases or governing the process.

I am giving this book the maximum mark because it did deliver what it promised.

I must add this book is an excellent pick to read for a person at an airport or in-flight, or for those trying to unwind productively after a long day at work or while away from family in a hotel room.