May 2011 Entries

Playing Around With the New SSIS Balanced Data Distributor Transform Component

Microsoft has just released a new SSIS 2008 transform component called SQL Server Integration Services Balanced Data Distributor. As the download site states “this transform takes a single input and distributes the incoming rows to one or more outputs uniformly via multithreading”. Sounds like we got a component to evenly distribute some data across multiple destinations. Frankly, I though we could do this even before using either a Script Component or the Conditional Split, alas this component has ......

How to FTP and Process Anyhow Named File

A colleague of mine approached me asking what would be the easiest approach to download a single file from a FTP location that when the file name is changing frequently without any logical pattern. My immediate thought was to use an empty ForEach Loop Container because it can just iterate over files, so even though we are dealing with one file it would be able to capture its name in a single hop. Now to the specifics. As an aside, it was an existing package that used to consume a fixed name file, ......