May 2009 Entries

Developing With Velocity CTP3

Developing With Velocity - Phase II In my limited testing environment I have decided to try only the basic sample of MS Velocity found in CTP2 Samples, and what I thought would be the most often used properties of Velocity. By default, the Velocity's DistributedCache service after the installation is not running and is set to manual start, so to begin working with it you will need to launch it. This can be done using the admin PowerShell applet or by starting the Microsoft project code named “Velocity” ......

Velocity - Installation Phase

Velocity - Installation Phase Today I have proceeded with the installation of the MS Velocity CTP3. I would like to mention that first one needs to verify one's system for prerequisites. Basically the most up to date components as a Service Pack of the Windows OS and the latest .Net Framework are needed, also PowerShell 1.0 is a required component because the administration can be later done using PowerShell applets. I also recommend reading the velocity_help.chm file that can be downloaded separately. ......