February 2009 Entries

Launching an Arbitrary VBScript From Within MSI Package

Recently I was given a task of building an MSI package that among other things needed to include a VBScript in it. The VBScript would run at the end of the installation process. Because I used to build install packages on and off in the past that also included various VBScripts I did not think twice, simply rolled up my sleeves and started a new Setup project in Visual Studio. While doing an initial build I noticed that it is not so easy to incorporate some advanced features into the project as chaining ......

Forcing MSI Installation Into a Specific Directory

Yesterday I was doing an upgrade to a product and I needed to install it into the path where the old version used to be. I only needed to figure out what install option I need. I knew MS Installer supports a vast number of command line options, I hoped that it will be easy to find the correct one, but looking into the MSDN’s help did not help finding the necessary Public Property right away, it simply was not immediately obvious. So I tried one property then another and finally in frustration decided ......