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Recently I've decided, in true nerd fashion, to collect either comic books or video games.  Considering I'm much more versed in the technological arts and not in ACTUAL art, I thought collecting old video games would be an interesting venture.  After all, I am a self-described compulsive shopper (my bank statement at the end of the month has a purchase every few days).  (Don't worry, I'm not in debt and still pay my bills on time!)

I went to a local video game store in Stevens Point called Gaming Generations which is a neat little shop with loads of old games for great prices.  For example, any NES cartridge on the shelf (not behind glass) is, at most, $4.99 with the cheaper ones around $1.99.  During my first round at GG, I picked up the following:

- Fester's Quest
- Adventures of Link (Zelda 2, grey cart)
- Little Nemo
- Total Recall
- The Goonies 2

- Galerians

- Mission: Impossible
- Hybrid Heaven

I was a little cautious, would I even like collecting old games?  As soon as I popped a few of those games in I knew right away the answer was an astounding YES!  Not only is it fun to bring back memories of all these old games, but searching for them in stores is also a blast and saying 'I have that one, I need the second one.'

After finding such joy in buying these games, I decided to go search through 4-5 stores in Wausau for old games as well.  While the prices were a bit higher and selection smaller, the search was still fun.  I found the following:

- Maniac Mansion
- T&C Surf
- Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers
- TMNT (the first one)
- Mission: Impossible

- Turok
- Turok 2

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Shenmue

And I found a Gamegear for $5!  Now I just need to find games for it...

Tonight I will go on one more small expedition into the used, once again stopping at GG and another second hand store to see if I can find any items for my collection.

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