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I've got some ideas that I'll hopefully implement on this blog to get you guys more active.  To 'keep you one your programming toes'.  Starting tomorrow (hopefuly)  I'll be starting something called the Thursday Challenge.  The Thursday Challenge is basically a simple programming challenge that I'll post a problem and you'll need to code up a solution to the problem.  I'll provide a basic application that simply needs code behind for those who don't want to spend the time designing the layout.  All you need to do is get the solution to the challenge and post a link to your submission in the replies to the Challenge you've solved.  I'll look them over and post the best few, including run-downs of the solution logic, the following week.  (Sorry, I don't have any fancy prizes to give out!)

Also, on Sunday I'm going to start Code a la Carte.  It'll be a simple snippet of code showing how to do things such as writing basic HTML, looping in VB/C#/C++, recursion, inheritance.  They will be like simple, short tutorials.  Now I just need to find a good way to post code in this blog...

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