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Last night was a lazy night, I tried re-packaging my game and uploading it but the upload constantly failed (and takes 45 min to upload) so I just stopped and played some drums and some Unreal 3.  I'm quite bad at Unreal 3, only able to really play on the easiest and not get super irritated.  In my defense, their 'friendly AI' isn't exactly smart in any respect.  I think the enemy AI is much more advanced.  For instance, I'll grab the flag and have 2 of my guys run up to me and say 'Covering you!'  So I'm like, awesome, they got my back.  Suddenly I hear gunshots behind and keep running but instead of following me at all, every guy covering me stops to fight that one enemy with the pistol way back at the Blue base.

Plus the instant respawn times aggrivate me.  I was playing 4v4 CTF (solo campaign) and was running back to my base with the flag when suddenly a guy pops out.  He eats one of my rockets and goes down.  Two others come out, rocket, out of ammo, switch to flak, flak him.  So I've now taken out 3 people in around 3-5 seconds.  I keep running, another comes out, blam, get him.  So I've effectively killed 4 guys when, right after the last guy, ANOTHER comes out of nowhere and guns me down.  Ok now 1) I've killed your whole team so I should at least be given some time instead enemy after enemy after enemy..., 2) WTF were my teammates?  I've got the flag, killed all the opposing team, and never even saw one of my guys!  Seriously annoying.  Thankfully 30 seconds before the game ended I scored, making the game 2-1, Red.

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