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I've been working out a bit and eating much healthier lately in the hopes on shedding the stupid weight I gained this summer (damn home-cooked meals and eating loads).  I realized yesterday in the cafeteria at work, the sandwich I had was about 400 calories less than the Buffalo Chicken Salad they had yesterday, and I bet my sandwich was much tastier (and cheaper).  I need to exercise more though, I've done this workout ab dvd a few days and walked a bunch extra but I don't think that will cut it to remove body fat, hopefully just eating more meals of smaller portions, not drinking soda (or at least drinking more diet, and yes I know the whole 'diet soda is bad for you'), and just generally eating more fresh food should help.  I've already eaten wheat bread for years rather than white and I never ever add salt/pepper or butter to anything once its on my plate, and I generally enjoy fruits and veggies, I think I just need more of it.

So back to the work, I put up the code for my DirectX demo last night so I can check that off my list.  I got the final sounds for Pong and implemented them as well but the installer I'm trying to make with it just is not cooperating.  The problem is I need to have the .NET Framework, DirectX 9, and XNA Redist all installed before/during the install of my game.  I can install my game easily, and now I got DirectX to install nicely, but the .NET and XNA things are just not working with my installer.  The .NET framework is freaking out because I try installing it but I have the latest and it just fails and gives me a 'Send error report' dialogue.  The XNA Redist kept saying something about the 'administrator not allowing the operation' although I was looked in on my admin desktop account (hopefully the system just needed a restart, I'll check tonight).  I am going to distribute physical copies of the game to people I know.  Instead of buying all the pieces of it online though, I'm going to go to this new Kinko's we have and have them create some copies of the discs and booklets for me (hopefully that isn't too expensive).  This way I won't end up with 20 extra copies unless I specifically order that many from them and I wouldn't have all the extra materials laying all over.  Anyone have an experiences getting a CD copied there?

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Give up soda, and any kind of sugary drinks (including "sports drinks") in general. I've drank only water since January 1st this year and I went from 233 to 197 with no other dietary or exercise changes. I'm sure if I added exercise and diet changes I could get back down to 185 pretty quick.
Left by Lou on Jul 30, 2008 7:24 AM

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