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I'm a very weak person in the respect that I use the internet to spoil any kind of wonder I may have about something.  For instance, I knew the whole plot and happening of The Dark Knight before I went and saw it.  Did I want to be surprised?  Yes.  Could I resist the numerous online places describing the plot?  No.

Now here's my predicament.  I am a PS3 fanboy and a Metal Gear Solid fan and have not yet played Metal Gear Solid even though there have been billions of praises for the game.  The reason I don't want to play it, is I saw it being played at a friends house on his big flat HDTV and the graphics were outstanding.  I have since refused to play this game on an SDTV and have promised myself I'd buy a 32" HDTV sometime in the near future and until then I've sworn off certain games that I want to save for the glory of HD.  Well recently I've bought a drumset ($650) and RAM ($80) and could have easily purchased a TV with that money.  Another problem is that since I'm paying for college (partially with loans) I can't just go and spend all my money on an HDTV.  So I've got money for it, but I can't buy it and until I can I won't be playing a lot of PS3 games that are coming out soon.  My best bet would be to ask for it from the parents for Christmas but thats a lot of money and if I did get it, it would be like my only gift which is no problem.  But, I like buying things for myself because I don't have to know I relied on someone else to get it.  Either way, I want to play MGS!

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