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First update, a few more map pics from some work I did last night:

Overhead View
Destroyed End
New Hallway
'Tire' End

They're widescreen pics so I don't want to embed them.  I added a massively cool addition to the map in the form of fences in the hallways.  Now, instead of being able to get from one side of the map to another from the hallways or the catwalk, you are forced into that small room where I think a lot of the fights will happen, definitely cool to introduce such a small change and totally change the course of the battle.

Lately I've noticed I'm quite obsessed with game development (considering I wish to have a job in it).  Whenever I'm talking to someone, I can't think of anything else to talk about other than games and stuff.  My iPod is now probably half game music including numerous Final Fantasy OST's, the Elder Scrolls OSTs, Halo OST's, and others and I typically listen to them every day.  Maybe I'm obsessed with it and maybe it's unhealthy, I think it's just good old fashioned interest and dedication.

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