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There is a great article about Data Access in Silverlight by Shawn Wildermuth came out yesterday.
The basic story of how Data Services works is that it takes a context object from a LINQ provider and exposes all the IQueryable endpoints as REST resources that can be queried. This works well in creating a place to execute queries and post/put/delete changes. The Silverlight (and .NET) client library allows you to just issue LINQ queries to the data service.

Ability to create tracked projections from the Silverlight client:


WCF RIA Services takes a different approach to data access the resembles a mix of Data Services and Web Services.

In RIA Services a server project is set up to expose data across the wire, but instead of Data Services' approach of exposing queryable end-points, it creates methods on the server which can be executed to retrieve, update, insert and delete data.
Also, RIA Services is like Data Services in that you can still do basic sorting, filtering and paging via the service.
The problem is that none of them are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I would think that Data Services and RIA Services are both great solutions but they are both missing features the others have.

To read the whole article go to:

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