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Topics covered: Management techniques for programmers promoted to leadership positions, assessing your level of technical "cool," positive and negative programmer personalities (including architects, constructionists, speed demons, magicians, minimalists, analogists), trouble types (including slobs, amateurs, salad chefs), tips for new managers (including adapting to changes), dealing with project feature creep, dealing with ineffective programmers, tips for hiring and firing, promotions, organizing for success (using paper and e-mail effectively), the author's custom Administrative Director program (for organizing project tasks), corporate goals, product and project management, managing change throughout the project lifecycle, tips for running staff, design, and other meetings, effective technical leadership (designing with architecture and reuse in mind), design hints (programming standards, strong object cohesion and low coupling between objects), reviewing code, anti-patterns in management (including micromanagement, unfocused management, and misapplied genius), hints for overcoming bad management styles, leadership principles
(fostering effective communication, delegating, and participating), techniques for mentoring and rewarding employees, fostering employee loyalty, leadership for different generations, case studies of several tech leaders (Andy Grove and Bill Gates), how to work with your boss (communicating deadlines and limits, overcoming inertia), techniques for managing a distributed workforce, multicultural factors in management, intro to software engineering and process (overview of the Microsoft Solutions Framework, Extreme Programming--XP--and Agile Development), craftsmanship in software,
dealing with technology change and economic downturn, appendices for the author's Administrative Director
software (including a code review), case studies of effective and ineffective management techniques from the field.

To learn more about it go to:
Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers
by Hank Rainwater

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This looks like an interesting topic, will there be more on Programmers Who Lead Programmers.
Left by Portrait Paintings on Dec 13, 2009 6:58 PM

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