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  • cnrussell wrote a post on my blog about my friend Ursula Eilers (Microsoft MVP, Office System) - Office expert about 1953 days ago
  • cnrussell went to "The MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow" in Atlanta, GA on Dec 08, 2009. Cool stuff! about 1956 days ago
  • cnrussell went to "The MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow" is a developer/architect training through the southeast on Dec 08, 2009 Atlanta. Cool stuff! about 1956 days ago
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Catherine Russell Architect, President of "Women In Information Technology" Group

I worked on several conversion projects where we had to convert java application into C#, application.

There is a tool on a market, that can help out with this kind of conversions.


Enjoy it.

Hi, We are looking for a tool, that can take a file in any format (HIPAA, TXT, XML, CSV, XLS, XLSX and so on) and import/export that file in/out our database. Also, it should support GUI Mapping Tool, FTP, PGP, Scheduler and API. We took a look at: RediX, BizTalk, Informatica, HIPPASuite and Altova. It is not easy to find a good fit for our needs. Folks, ......

Microsoft: Our strategy with Silverlight has shifted At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this week, the future of Silverlight is one topic that has gotten short shrift. There have been no sessions about Silverlight 5 and only one mention of Silverlight in the kick-off keynote. But there were plenty of mentions of HTML 5 and Microsoft’s ......

Create and share Visual Studio color schemes download the scheme you like, then in VS2010… Tools->Import Export Settings->Import selected environment settings I would save your current, just in case->Next->browse (to the downloaded file)->finish. Enjoy it, Catherine ......

TinySQL is small and handy SQL script which can quickly generate consistent code snippet that you can paste in your project. It basically operates by reading schema of provided table and applying template to each column of table in order to generate code snippet. With TinySQL, you can create complete or specific portion of business class, business service, ......

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