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 For a couple of weeks now I've been concerned about where all my default collection disk space has gone. 
Disk consumption has been stable, as far as I can tell, for the last few months but I wanted to have a better idea as to what was consuming 1.50 TB of space.

I've spent that last few days going through the "Professional Team Foundation Server 2012" book in the admin section and also trudging through many on-line blogs and articles and determined that Test Attachments can be the curse of a TFS implementation.

Using SQL examples I discovered that I have 680 GB in compressed test attachments!  
I about fell over!

After digging into the Test Attachment Cleaner 2012 power tool I was able to generate a report outlining exactly what file types are the big consumers.  
In my case the sample config scenarios that come with the Test Attachment Cleaner didn't tell me much.  I had to modify the configuration to tell me what is going on.  Here is the config I used.
    <SizeInMB GreaterThan="5" />
    <Exclude state="Active" />
    <Exclude state="Resolved" />
      <AgeInDays OlderThan="180" />

Running the tool in View mode generated an output log that showed me 2 file types consume 111 GB of space in the test attachments table. 
About 6000 copies of the same 2 files.  Looks like I need to have a talk with SQA about their testing processes and why they are attaching the same files over and over again!

All in all after several "Preview" runs the Test Attachment Cleaner Power Tool outlined 475 GB of test attachment files that I really don't need to keep!  That should give me a little more breathing room  before I need to relocate the default collection DB to a larger storage space.

If you need more specific on how to do the same as above please take a look at a couple of resources below.


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