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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Searching SQL Server Objects

I came across this tool the other day and found it to be very useful. In the past if I needed to search within all the stored procedures or views in a database I would use some SQL to run a query using sysobjects and syscomments. That worked well but this is a bit slicker. The tool is redgate's SQL Search and it is available (for now at least) as a free stand alone tool. You can download it here.

It supports SQL 2005 and later and I found it to integrate with the SSMS IDE well. It will add a red binocular SQL Search icon in your tool bar. Clicking that will open a nice tab with the searching fields. You can easily search for some value within a view then switch to a stored procedure. I found it to be really useful when setting up a test database and I needed to search for names of objects that might have changed for the new test environment. You search for a value then double click the item on the list which opens the item within Object Explorer.


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