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Well I switched back to Sony. After about a year of debating whether or not to keep my XBox 360 or get a PS3 I decided over the weekend to trade in the 360 for a PS3.  I had thought about keeping both but I really don’t need two gaming systems. So far I like it, the graphics are good and the game selection is pretty much the same. For me the game exclusives didn’t sway me one way or the other (i.e. I’ve never played Halo so you can’t miss what you never played). My main reasons for switching were:

  • RROD – I’ve had three and I don’t play a huge amount per week.
  • Free online gaming – I never did buy a Live Gold account even though it is affordable
  • Blu-ray player – Figured this is as good of a time as any to finally get one
  • Netflix streaming with no need for an upgrade to your online account like on XBox
  • MUCH quieter system
  • Finally at a $299 price point

All in all the last point was the main one for me. Like a lot of other folks I was really put off by the PS3’s original pricing of $499 and $599.

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Posted on Thursday, June 10, 2010 12:37 PM | Back to top

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Good man! I've got both and vastly prefer the PS3. Even though the exclusives didn't matter, I think the exclusives are much better on PS3.

However, there are rumors that Sony will anounce a version of PSN that will be paid for and will come with more features so it might end up looking like an Xbox Live setup (however these rumors have been floating for years, only are more realistic now)

Although all your other points are valid, I'm still running my launch PS3 with no problems yet!
Left by Matt Christian on Jun 10, 2010 4:13 PM

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