June 2014 Entries

WES: Changing Power Settings from the Command Line
I am working on a kiosk type system right now – really, it is a kiosk. So we want the user to feel like the system is running all of the time, and the power settings to turn off the display hinder that. The settings are readily available in the control panel, but that isn't very convenient. I want to control them from batch file which would help remove the human error problem. My first attempt was to start the power control panel from the command line – at least this reminded me that I needed to ......

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WES: Disabling the Taskbar
There has been plenty written about replacing the Explorer Shell to disable the taskbar, but what if you want the Explorer Shell, but don’t want the taskbar? This article will show how to disable the taskbar at runtime from your application. I have tested this on Windows XP and Windows 7, both embedded and non-embedded. So there are some things that we need to do, and some that are optional: 1. Hide the taskbar. This just makes it less visible while the system boots before you disable it from your ......

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WES: Use Command Line to Disable a Service
I have been working with a customer who needs to be able to disable services in WES 7. They want to do this after using IBW to install WES. So, how can we manage services from the command line? The answer is use SC.EXE, the service control manager. SC.EXE is capable of doing many things, but since all we need to do is disable a service let’s focus on that. Well, let’s also shutdown the service, which may not really be necessary except that it will let us see what the systems does with the service ......

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