One of the things that I like about Windows CE is that I am always learning new things, but in this case it is a bit disturbing. We working with Multi UI (MUI) this week and discovered some problems with Windows CE 5.0 and Chinese language support. These problems don’t exist in CE 6.0.
The problem was that in the batch files in Public\CEBASE\oak\misc, specifically weceshellfe.bat, some of the shell components needed are only included if certain LOCALs are selected. English is not one of them, I suppose this is because someone didn’t think that we would ever use them and English – doh.
No problem, just work around this in PBWorkspaces\<workspace>\WINCE500\<BPS>\cesysgen.bat. But that didn’t work. After a lot of trial and error, what I determined is that this cesysgen.bat isn’t actually used by Platform Builder any more. 
Instead, in that same folder is a <workspace>.bat file that is called by Public\CEBASE\oak\misc\cesysgen.bat. That leads to some new problems though, but solvable, in that what I really wanted to do was add a fix after the batch files in CEBASE run, but <workspace>.bat runs before the other batch files in CEBASE.
So what I finally came up with was to add the fix to the PASS2 handling in <workspace>.bat.
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