My career goal is to delete more code than I write, and so far I have been fairly successful. But of course once in a while I need to clone code from the public tree which is contrary to my goal. Usually what follows is a new OS release.
To help reach my goal, my team uses the same BSP code for multiple versions of the OS. That means that we need to handle the cloned code so that the correct code builds for the OS version that we are working on. To handle this we could use SKIPBUILD in the sources file, but that gets messy if the cloned code contains multiple folders.
The solution that we use is to have a parent folder with subfolders that contain the OS version number. Example:
The version number corresponds to the environment variable _WINCEOSVER. Then we have a simple DIRS file in the parent folder:
Which automatically selects the folder that goes with the OS version that we are building.
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