As of this week I have changed positions within Eurotech to become a Field Application Engineer (FAE).   This is an exciting new challenge for me, and I look forward to it. 
I spent the last five years working as the Director of Windows CE Software Engineering, managing development at three offices.   This period of my career was rewarding and challenging, very challenging. I have watched the company grow and eventually be bought by a bigger company. My team has architected solutions to manage the ever changing needs of our customers, both internal and external. Our successes have been very rewarding.
It was time for a change, so when the FAE position opened up I asked to be considered.  Yes, moving to the dark side was my idea.  It is an opportunity for me to work more closely with our customers as an FAE reports to the Sales team. Actually, this has been one of my roles at Eurotech since the beginning, so it wasn’t much of a stretch of the imagination to consider me for the FAE position.
Internally, there have been many questions, like:
1.       Why did the company force you into this position? (or variation of that, some just implying the question)
The answer is that the company actually tried to talk me out of it. This was my choice.
2.       How will the Software Engineering team go on without you?
If I thought for a minute that they couldn’t, I wouldn’t make the change. I had a very competent team of Software Engineers, all with many years of experience in embedded software development. They are ready to continue without my direct involvement. My desk in the Akron office isn’t changing, so I am still very close to the action.
3.       Will you continue blogging?
Heck yes. I not only intend to keep blogging, but I suspect that I will have some down time in hotels to do some of it. I also think that the closer relationship to our customers will bring a new perspective to my blog.
4.       Will you be able to maintain your MVP award?
It may be more difficult for me to answer questions in the newsgroups, but I plan to do my best to keep active there. Also my blog doesn’t hurt any. So I think that I will continue to receive the MVP award in the future, but that is up to Microsoft.
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