Sometimes it is useful to know which SYSGEN variables are set for a project. Here are some methods to see a list of the variables:
Windows CE 6.0:
·         Look in your PBXML file using a text editor. This is handy, but give you a long messy list that looks like:
    <Feature Name="Item" FeatureVariable="SYSGEN_IE_IMGUTIL" Anchored="True" />
    <Feature Name="Item" FeatureVariable="SYSGEN_IE_PNGFILT" Anchored="True" />
    <Feature Name="Item" FeatureVariable="SYSGEN_MLANG" Anchored="True" />
    <Feature Name="Item" FeatureVariable="SYSGEN_URLMON" Anchored="True" />
And the list isn’t a complete list of the SYSGEN variables, it is just the variables that are set by adding them to the project. Some SYSGEN variables will be set when CESYSGEN.BAT runs or are set in some other way.
·         Look in C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\<Your OSDesign>\Wince600\<Your BSP>\SysgenSettings.out
Windows CE 5.0:
·         Look in your PBXML file using a text editor – see notes above
·         Look in C:\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces\<Your Workspace>\ <Your Workspace>.plg
Windows CE 4.2:
·         The project file is really not useful for CE 4.2
·         Look in C:\WINCE420\PUBLIC\<Your Workspace>\ <Your Workspace>.plg
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