I have posted several articles about writing software to modify and read the registry (see Summary of Registry Posts.) But what if you aren’t a Software Engineer, or don’t want to write a program to make a simple change to the registry? There are several registry editors available:
·         Remote Registry Editor – this tool comes with the development tools for Windows CE.  It allows users to edit the Windows CE registry on a PC via a connection to the Windows CE device. The connection can be through ActiveSync, Ethernet or KITL (if you don’t already know what KITL is, KITL probably isn’t how you will connect.)
·         Third-party registry editors – there are a few registry editors available for Windows CE. I know of tools from Tascal and PHM. There may be others available as well, if you know of others please leave a comment to tell other readers about them. These registry editors run on the Windows CE device and allow users to edit the registry.
As with all registry modifications, the user may or may not be able to save the changes through a reset or power loss.   If the device can save the registry, it probably will automatically save it when the device is suspended, or “turned off.”
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