When we first ported our BSP to Windows CE 6.0 we started to see this VMProcessPageFault Error: Page Fault message in our debug output during resume from sleep. The system seemed to be working okay, but this message seemed ominous so as we continued to work on the port we kept an eye on the problem and investigated the possible cause of the message.
Others had reported this message and they discovered the cause was that they had a driver that was calling a system API in XXX_PowerUp. Microsoft has been advising against calling APIs in the power hander functions since at least Windows CE 4.0, so we were careful not to have this problem.
As we approached release, we still had not solved the problem. Time to pull in some help, so we opened a support case with Microsoft. Yes, it is possible to get answers from Microsoft and this was the case with this problem. The problem for us turned out to be that we had compressed some of our drivers which forced them to be paged. The solution was to remove the compress flag for drivers in our bib file. We had:
DriverName.dll    $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\DriverName.dll    NK SHCK
In the platform.bib file and changed it to:
DriverName.dll    $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\DriverName.dll    NK SHK
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