The Windows CE newsgroups have been shut down by Microsoft.  This is part of an overall Microsoft strategy to move community from newsgroups to web based forums.
The newsgroups have been indexed by Google, so the existing content can and should be searched for answers using http://groups.google.com/advanced_search
Microsoft has replaced the newsgroups with http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/windowsembeddedcompact which has forums for OS Development, Managed Application Development and Native Application Development.
Note that with the planned release for Q4 2010, Microsoft is renaming Windows Embedded CE to Windows Embedded Compact.  This name change is reflected in the forum naming.


I monitor some Windows CE newsgroups for a few reasons:

  • I learn a lot from others working on Windows CE, so many of you are running into the same issues that I run into.  Sometimes your run into them before I do, other times I have already run into the issue.
  • I learn a lot from answering questions.  You might be surprised to find that I don't already know the answer, so I do some investigation to get the answer.  Sometimes I am wrong, or there is a better way, with my answer, and there is always someone to point that out.
  • I get satisfaction from helping others out by answering their questions

I monitor the following newsgroups in the msnews.microsoft.com server:

  • Microsoft.Public.WindowsCE.App.Development - includes discussions about developing applications for Windows CE.  This is not my area of expertise, but I sometimes have the answer.  I also sometimes find my customers asking questions here.
  • Microsoft.Public.WindowsCE.Embedded - this has a wide range of Windows CE questions which include application development as well as driver and bootloader discussions.
  • Microsoft.Public.WindowsCE.Embedded.VC - also not my expertise, but this focuses on using C/C++ using eMbedded VC++ and sometimes wanders into Visual Studio.
  • Microsoft.Public.WindowsCE.Platbuilder - This newsgroup fits me best as it discusses issues with Platform Builder and development of Windows CE OS images.
  • Microsoft.Public.WindowsCE.Targeted.Device - not a very busy newsgroup that discusses issues with specific devices (or at least that seems to be its intent.)  Mostly, this group has posts that would be better in other newsgroups.

 I use Outlook Express to view and answer posts in these groups.  There are certainly other newsgroup browsers available as well as the online forums at Microsoft.com.


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