This is a summary of links to my post that describe creating a serial debug port menu for a Windows CE device. Sure, many of you won’t actually use the debug menu, but this includes some sample code that you may be interested in.
Windows CE: Using the debug serial port for input is a getting started by reading input from the serial debug port.
Windows CE: Displaying a simple menu driven app using serial debug shows how to display a menu based on an array of strings and wait for user input from the serial debug port.
Windows CE: Putting some control behind the serial debug menu adds some code to create the first menu.
Windows CE: Using ToolHelpAPI to list running processes extends the menu by filling in the code to display the running processes using the ToolHelpAPI.
Windows CE: Using ToolHelpAPI to get more information about running processes creates a sub-menu and enhances the listing of running processes to show threads, loaded modules and heaps.
Windows CE: Listing Running Drivers shows how to list the loaded device drivers.
Windows CE: Displaying Disk Information shows how to list the disks and partitions.
Windows CE: Watching Folders for Changes shows how to monitor for changes to folders.
Platform Builder: Formatting Output with DEBUGMSG and RETAILMSG shows how use the format string modifiers to control output.
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